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white-tailed deer running through water

white-tailed bucks and does running through water.

© Len Rue Jr.

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Welcome to the new stock photo web site of Leonard Rue Enterprises, Inc., featuring the photographic work of Len Rue Jr. and Leonard Lee Rue III. Our specialty is nature, with strong coverage in wildlife (portraits, action and behavior) and landscapes (in 35 mm and medium format). We have been in business for over 50 years and have over one hundred thousand images in our files. Over the years our photographic work has been extensively published nationally, appearing in most major nature, outdoor, sportsman and conservation publications and in numerous national magazine advertisements, books, calendars, posters, cards, exhibit prints, catalogs, brochures, packaging, puzzles, apparel and even on the tail of an airliner.

This web site is a work in progress and new images will be added on a regular basis, as quickly as we can scan transparencies and get the digital files into the system. The site currently shows a very small percentage of the extensive photographic coverage that we have in our photographic files. A quick way of seeing which subjects have been uploaded onto this site is to access the "Browse by Category" feature. If you don’t find what you are looking for on this site, please get in touch with our office; there is a good chance that we will have just what you are looking for in our photographic transparency files. If this proves to be the case, we can either e-mail digital images to you (in JPEG format) or send original transparencies by courier for review. We also have one of the largest black and white print (all 8"x10" glossy) photo files of animal subjects in the country.

If you do find an image that you would like to use, either from the web site or from a photo submission, please contact our office so that we can quote you a price for the photo rights that you are requesting. All of our images (digital and photographs) are copyrighted and are thereby legally protected from unauthorized use. Our e-mail address is rue@rue.com and our phone number is 908 362-6616.